VLX is an acronym based on the Latin phrase ‘Veritas Liberat,’ or ‘The truth frees.’ ‘Veritas Vos Liberabit’ is a common phrase in university mottos: generally it refers to the Latin translation of the Bible verse John 8:31-32. “Dicebat ergo Iesus ad eos qui crediderunt ei Iudaeos si vos manseritis in sermone meo vere discipuli mei eritis et cognoscetis veritatem et veritas liberabit vos.” Or, “Jesus said to those who had believed him, ‘If you abide in my word, then you are truly my disciples. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.'”


VLX is a media and coaching organization offering women information, encouragement, and guidance in the areas of wellness and body care, image and beauty, and relationships and intimacy. We aim to provide training, inspiration, and equipment through speaking, coaching, writing, lifestyle products, and engaging, informative media.


Our goal is for women to be educated and encouraged to work through presenting issues in their lives to achieve the sense of freedom and joy that comes from attaining wellness in their bodies, wellness in their self and public image, and wellness in their intimate relationships. We believe this freedom and joy is founded in the knowledge of and adherence to the commands and guidelines found in the Bible pertaining to how we are to think about and care for these things.

Training and teaching in the areas of body care, beauty care, and intimacy are rarely combined, and are not given sufficient attention from a Christian, Bible-based perspective – yet we have found the need and expressed demand for them to be very high. VLX offers a Biblical view of body, beauty, and relationship stewardship and their importance to the Christian life, and is unique in that it considers all of these generally disparate areas of a woman’s life in one holistic approach to total change.

We use the term stewardship to reflect our belief that our bodies, appearance, and relationships are not our own but belong to God and are to be used for His glory. Relating to these areas of our lives with this perspective, and living according to the commands and guidelines of the Bible, we believe, results in a deeper health and freedom.


VLX is currently based in Washington DC, and offers both in-person and virtual coaching and consulting, as well as further training, inspiration, and equipment through speaking events and seminars, books and articles, lifestyle products, and engaging, informative, and encouraging media. Coaching clients can meet with Jackie in-person or online via Skype.


Our goal at VLX is to free as many women as we can from the bondage of lies about their body, their beauty, and their intimate relationships. Our hope is that through offering a variety of coaching options, as well as a growing archive of articles and videos on these topics, women across the world will be awakened into a realization and an actualization of the health and freedom that awaits them in the Word.

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