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My passion is reaching women with a message of God’s love for them and concern for the areas of their lives that are often overlooked – their body and beauty care, their home environment, and their intimacy in their relationships with God and with the men in their lives. Nothing brings me more joy than walking women through a divine wake-up in these areas – so they can step into the wellness, joy, freedom, and holiness God desires for them.

I hope you’ll find the information on this page helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss an event.

Sharing the Love

“It is rare to find someone as engaging, theologically grounded, fun, and grace-oriented”

“It is rare to find someone as engaging, theologically grounded, fun, and grace-oriented in her teaching as Jackie. The women who attended Jackie’s class walked away encouraged and energized.”

– Kristen Pool, Coordinator of Women’s Ministry, Dallas Bible Church

A little bit about me

I have spoken to a variety of women’s groups and young adult audiences. My passion is to reach your group with a message that directly addresses their felt needs, warming and opening their hearts, and inspiring them to seek and move toward change in the areas where they feel restless and are seeking growth. My messages are always approachable, engaging, and highly applicable, culminating in practical tips that can be used to work toward wholeness in the area that has been discussed.

I am available to speak at your Bible study, women’s group, college group, women’s retreat, etc. Please explore my speaking topics below, fill out the form for more information about an event, or contact me for more information.

Why I Speak

Like most young women, I was once in a place where I needed authentically and lovingly delivered truth, offered in a way that I could engage with and understand.

And it was hard to find.

I wanted someone I could relate to, who I felt could understand me but was far enough ahead of me to have ‘been there’ and figured it out. I wanted – essentially – a more knowledgeable and totally trustworthy girlfriend. I wanted to be known and not judged, challenged and not chastised, reassured and energized.

And as I chatted with my peers about their own desires and experiences, I found they wanted the same thing.

We loved having wise leaders and speakers who were like mothers and grandmothers to us, but at some point, we wanted someone who was in the trenches of our current life struggles – but who had found the way out.

Every time I speak, I try to be that woman I wanted so deeply to hear from, and meet that need for relatable truth delivered in a modern and engaging way.

Sharing the Love

“You are genuine, powerful and the women respond to you very well.”

“(You delivered) motivation for them to make simple changes to live a healthier lifestyle and to realize that the Lord wants them to value their bodies and treat them well. You were casual and laid back yet very effective. I think everyone loved knowing you had “been there” and have a powerful testimony. You are genuine, powerful and the women respond to you very well.”

– Wendy Howard, Adult and Pediatric Nutrition Specialist

What to expect when you work with me

Personal consultation before the event to make sure I can meet your needs

Promotion of the event to my email list and social media contacts

A dedicated resource page on my site for your audience, with slides or media links used, if applicable, and resources I think they may find helpful


A quick follow-up after the event for your feedback

Sharing the Love

“It’s so obvious the Holy Spirit has anointed her to preach the good news of Christ”

“She is a natural. It’s so obvious the Holy Spirit has anointed her to preach the good news of Christ in such a relevant format for such an interesting topic!”

– Kat Armstrong, Founder and Director, Polish Ministries


I am available to speak on many topics including image, body, and beauty; marriage, intimacy and relationships; attitude and relationship with God; femininity and masculinity; and more. Please see below for a list of suggested topics, and don’t hesitate to ask how I can incorporate the theme for your event into my talk. If you are interested in booking me for an event, please fill out the form below.

Beauty: Purpose and Practice

Discover the real, God-honoring purpose and power of beauty – one of God’s most influential ideas that is often misused, but doesn’t need to be! This can include an etiquette and make-up application lesson for younger girls.

True Beauty

Inner and Outer Beauty are often pitted against each other, but the truth is they can work in a powerful and holy synergy! As women particularly, we have the ability and calling to transform the world with holy beauty. Find out how!

Body Stewardship

Our bodies are owned by God, on loan to us to accomplish His purposes. Learn what it means to steward, not own, your body, and how it transforms the way you see and care for your body.

Modeling Lessons

The modeling industry certainly has its share of problems, but it can also teach us some tremendously true and important lessons about our identity and our bodies. Come see behind the scenes of the modeling industry, and learn why we are all models and what it takes to live successfully no matter what body we’ve been given.

Confidence Now

What’s the secret to unshakeable confidence? It’s not what you think! The foundation of a deep Christian life is receiving the love of God for you. But the second key is almost counterintuitive, and yet it is the real source of strength!

Marrying Well

Having a successful marriage can seem like a gamble at best and impossible at worst. But there are important ways we can and must prepare ourselves for this great adventure if we feel called to it. Learn how to walk in obedience to the Word in this area, rather than ‘waiting to see what happens!’

Past Events

  1. American Association of Christian Counselors
    Appearances Count: How Counselors Can Combine Their In-person and Online Presence to Reach Their Audience
    September 2014
  2. Marriage Matters; with Susan Alexander Yates and Dr. Deirdre Modesti
    The Falls Church Anglican Annual Women’s Retreat
    March 2013
  3. Emcee: Ever Wonder? What Women Need to Know About Men
    Speaker: Rev. John Yates
    May 2014
  4. Girls’ Night: Receiving Love
    The Falls Church Anglican Young Adult Women’s Group
    October 2012
  5. Girls’ Night: Irresistible Joy
    The Falls Church Anglican Young Adult Women’s Group
    December 2012
  1. Girls’ Night: Mean Girls
    The Falls Church Anglican Young Adult Women’s Group
    January 2013
  2. Girls’ Night: Sexuality
    The Falls Church Anglican Young Adult Women’s Group
    March 2013
  3. Girls’ Night: Masculinity and Femininity
    The Falls Church Anglican Young Adult Women’s Group
    April 2013
  4. Humility and Confidence: The Secret to Real Strength
    The Falls Church Anglican Young Adult Sunday Class
    October 2011
  5. Mary’s Magnificent: The Power of Surrender
    The Falls Church Anglican Young Adult Sunday Class
    December 2012
  6. Good Friday: Why You Have to Reach the Bottom To Reach the Top
    The Falls Church Anglican Young Adult Sunday Class
    March 2013

Upcoming Events

“Body Stewardship Workshop Tour”

  1. Dallas Bible Church
    “Wholly His”
    June 2016
  2. MOPS of First Baptist Church of Gonzales
    “Body Stewardship” Workshop and Fitness Class
    September 2016
Jackie Dixon Speaker One-Sheet Image

For Event Planners

I know that when you are putting in the effort and love it takes to host a women’s or young adult event, you want it to go well. And one of the most significant elements of your event feeling like a success is bringing in a speaker who makes your audience feel heard, deeply loved and understood, and motivated and encouraged.

You want someone you can trust to cover a meaningful topic in an engaging way, handle difficult questions, and stick to the Gospel. And who also can be depended on to be prepared, low maintenance, and professional.

My joy and honor is to share my calling by bringing messages to the women God so adores that are in line with the Word, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and delivered with grace and power.

This requires that I know the audience you are seeking to reach as well as I can, as well as the feel and flow that you would like the event to have.

I am at your disposal to discuss topics you’d like addressed, formats that work best for you, and any other particulars of the needs of you or your audience, and if we work together, we can meet via phone or Skype to discuss the details of your event.

Please feel free to download my speaker one-sheet for a PDF overview of my speaking work, and contact me for a headshot or other marketing materials for any events we pursue together.

I look forward to working with you!


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