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My name is Jackie Dixon

I believe Christian women are called to be Bombshells,

and I believe Bombshells can change the world.

“It is rare to find someone as engaging, theologically grounded, fun, and grace-oriented as Jackie”

– Kristen Pool, Coordinator of Women’s Ministry, Dallas Bible Church

What is a Bombshell?

A Bombshell is an unapologetically powerful, feminine woman who is taking the message of the Gospel to the world.


A Bombshell is a game-changing piece of news.


You were created according to a  magnificent design.

You were lied to, and got hurt and  lost along the way.

You are unconditionally loved, and  God Himself came to save you.

All you have to do is believe and receive, and you can step into a victory and righteousness that will  take the world’s breath away.

Sharing the Love

“It’s so obvious the Holy Spirit has anointed her to preach the good news of Christ”

“She is a natural. It’s so obvious the Holy Spirit has anointed her to preach the good news of Christ in such a relevant format for such an interesting topic!”

– Kat Armstrong, Founder and Director, Polish Ministries

That is the truth that can set you free.

And you are the woman who can deliver that truth to the world.

A powerful woman carrying the powerful message of the Gospel is my definition of a Bombshell,

and I’m on a mission to raise up more of them.

What does a Bombshell look like?

SHE IS   Healthy

She understands the theological significance and magnificence of her body, however it was designed to go through this world, and she loves it deeply and cares for it beautifully, resulting in her most flourishing wellness.

SHE IS   Holy

Her relationship with God is personal and intimate. She walks free of insecurity, shame, or self-righteousness, and instead has a deeply joyful and playful friendship with the Creator, giving her unshakeable confidence.

SHE IS   Hot

She understands the power and infallibility of God’s Word and is on fire to share the Gospel. She knows a lost world is watching, and she lives the truth of the Word in how she uses the tool of her beauty and fearlessly engages her intimate relationships.

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